Haphazard Paradigm

HAPHAZARD PARADIGM  curated by Wardell Milan and Melvin Harper

Participating artists: Grahame Weinbren, Anders Jones, Sullivan Gardner, Johnnie Chatman, Melvin Harper, Kristine Eudey, et. alia, Eric Lawton, and Daniela Puliti

The works in ‘Haphazard Paradigm’ look to question the deep cultural identities a person invests in; race, gender, and nationality. These historical and anthropological positions created to structure and perennially reaffirm social constructs, do so under the guise of identity. Such structures fix identifiable attributes to bodies, persons and communities, with little room for fluid variables. Questioning whether these constructs are nothing more than antiquated aesthetic signifiers, tethered to economic and political taxonomies, the artists in this exhibition smash,
edit and ignore pedagogical social paradigms, so that gender and desire are free-floating, and the ideas of race and nationality are flexible.

Exhibition Dates: 9/9/17 - 10/5/17